Community Health News

The Center for Healthy Communities is a proud contributor of public health articles to the IE Voice newspaper. Recent articles can be found below in reverse chronological order.

HIV/AIDS ribbon

Living with AIDS in the Inland Empire

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Living with AIDS in the IE by S.E. Williams
Living with HIV: Aging with the Illness by Lillian Ortiz
Living with HIV: A Black Perspective by Mohamed Jawara

Jose Ramirez

Living with HIV - A Latino Perspective

Living with HIV - A Latino Perspective by Lillian Ortiz


ribbon in hand

Living with HIV - Living in Secret

Living with HIV in Secret by Lillian Ortiz


black man wearing a red shirt

It’s All In My Head

Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by Abigail Largaespada



My Blood-Is It a Blessing or a Curse?

Living with Sickle-Cell Disease (SCD) by Lilian Ortiz


It Was All In the Fine Print

Coping when a family member has Alzheimer's Disease by Lilian Ortiz

young and older man flexing biceps

Men…Can We Talk?

Talking to men about their health by Abigail Largaespada