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Christina Reaves

Christina Reaves

Deputy Director, Center for Healthy Communities
MPH, George Washington University 2003

Christina Reaves

Christina Reaves came to the University of California, Riverside in 2014 with more than nine years of experience as a research project director at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System.

She also served as the administrative director for the UAMS Translational Research Institute, funded by the National Center for Advancing Translational Science.

She has directed multi-site health services research studies as well as community-based studies involving veterans, rural African Americans in the Arkansas Delta region, and faith-based organizations.

Selected Publications

  • Sullivan G, Cheney A, Olson M, Haynes T, Bryant K, Cottoms N, Reaves C, Curran G. (2017) Rural African Americans’ Perspectives on Mental Health: Comparing Focus Groups and Deliberative Democracy Forums. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 28(1), 548-565.
  • Greer Sullivan, Dinesh Mittal, Christina M. Reaves, Tiffany F. Haynes, Xiaotong Han, Snigdha Mukherjee, Scott Morris, Laura Marsh, and Patrick W. Corrigan, (2015) Influence of Schizophrenia Diagnosis on Providers’ Practice Decisions.The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 76(8), 1068-74.
  • Mittal D, Ounpraseuth S, Reaves C, Chekuri L, Han X, Corrigan P, Sullivan G. (2015) Providers Personal and Professional Contact with Persons with Mental Illness: Relationship to Clinical Expectations. Psychiatric Services. Epub Sept 1.
  • Corrigan PW, Mittal D, Reaves CM, Haynes TF, Han X, Morris S, Sullivan G. (2014) Mental health stigma and primary health care decisions. Psychiatric Research. 218(1-2), 35-38.
  • Sullivan G, Hunt J, Haynes TF, Bryant K, Cheney AM, Pyne JM, Reaves C, Sullivan, S. (2014) Building partnerships with rural Arkansas faith communities to promote veterans’ mental health:  lessons learned.  Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action. 8(1), 11-19.
  • Mittal D, Corrigan P, Sherman M, Chekuri L, Han X, Reaves CM, Mukherjee S, Morris S, Sullivan G. (2014) Healthcare providers' attitudes towards persons with schizophrenia. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal. Epub Oct 13.

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